About Ang


i am constantly re-inventing myself.

...but Iā€™d consistently use the words 'actor', 'dancer', 'singer', & 'songwriter' to describe myself.

I've never quite been one to follow the rules.

I hail from Valparaiso, Indiana.  Though I don't think I truly understood "home" until I moved to the Windy City. Chicago is the place I can root both feet into the ground and feel at peace. When not on an adventure; I'm acting like a fool, eating quality food, wearing glittery things, listening to my favorite songs, moving fearlessly, writing lyrics, & drinking coffee.  I love my family, cinema, music, & getting to bed at a reasonable hour. 

I have worked professionally as an actor for 10 years, and I am proud to be represented by Grossman & Jack Talent. I have a band called hearts & wands. For 6 years, I choreographed dance fitness routines for WERQ dance.fitness.workout, and was featured in their videos. I am an artistic associate at Shattered Globe Theatre Company where I run the outreach program to help bring theatre classes to developmentally disabled adults.

 I am a driven, hardworking, playful creator; and I am curious to continue learning as long as I exist. I love collaboration, dedicated artists, telling wild stories (with discipline), and--above all-- telling the truth.