Fitness Trainer

Angie is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  She brings nearly 10 years of industry experience to her work as a wellness professional. Her specialty is dance fitness, & she has been teaching WERQ.dance.fitness.workout since its' Chicago based beginning in 2011. Angie and her choreography were featured in WERQ fitness videos from 2011-2016. She launched the WERQ brand in Buffalo, NY in 2012. 

Angie was named one of Chicago's Hottest Personal Trainers by RACKED CHICAGO in 2014. She teaches classes at Urban AthleteCheetah Gym Andersonville, and trains clients privately. Angie is known to bring fitness to very unique settings like parties, parks, and nightclubs.

My Take On Wellness

I spent a lot of years on the wrong side of wellness. You read that right. The wrong side of wellness! Even though I had an education based in sports medicine, I still spent YEARS invested in society's obsessive ideas of what it means to have a  "fit body". I would engage in extreme meal discipline and obsessive exercise habits. I developed a disordered relationship to food, workouts, control, and my body. I didn't realize that I was using fitness and wellness as a means of an escape. I was driving away my loved ones with my "commitment to fitness". I used exercise and food to distract myself from coping with the real issues: thoughts that I was unworthy of meaningful relationships, fears that I would never amount to the creative opportunities I wanted, and coping with a  sexual assault I experienced as a teen.

When I discovered that I was tricking myself into a vicious cycle of "health", I took some steps back to re-evaluate. I started treating myself like precious cargo. The minute I treated movement as medicine, everything changed for me. I realized I didn't have to beat my body down or eat the minimum amount of food possible to feel powerful. I found the exercises that felt GOOD, and I did them. Consistently. I began to fuel myself with quality foods that nourish me, and fully indulge in the foods I love. I stopped blaming myself. I disassociated myself with "being bad" or having a "bad eating" days. 

I realized, as a trainer, I am not alone in having a distorted view of what exercise should be. I started tapping in to what my clients were FEELING. Rep by rep, exercise by exercise. I was inspired to develop exercise programs that helped clients to feel confident, capable, and strong. Not "lose weight for that wedding!" or "body shame yourself into dropping 50 lbs!"

I am very passionate about enhancing my clients' quality of life. I want to provide them with safe, FUN, creative movements that will keep their bodies healthy and functional for many years to come. Regardless of background or age, I strive to help my clients feel vibrant in their bodies, and become fully aware of whatever might be holding them back from reaching their highest potential. I care very deeply about the clients I train. It's called personal training for a reason!

I also consider music to be the driving beat and oxygen behind my workouts I believe a good playlist is the key to anything.

I have been taking Angie’s group fitness classes for years and she is by far my favorite instructor. Angie’s energy is contagious, she plans dynamic classes that keep you engaged, and she plays killer music to keep her students smiling! I live in Chicago and there are fitness options everywhere... I will gladly drive 30 minutes to take one of Angie’s classes because every time I leave, I am glad that I went.
— Monica Kelly Foster

Angie has made me feel more confident in myself and in my body than I have in a long time. Love her class.
— Juliana Brecher
Angie Shriner connects her clients with their truth and magic. It’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold. People of all ages and dispositions seem exasperated trying to come up with words to describe her ability to connect them with their own bodies and minds...She is a kaleidoscopic glitter-bomb personified— and like glitter, you never seem to get rid of all the shine. It sticks with you. Thank you Angie for what you’ve done for me, and what you do for others every day.
— Drew McConnell

There’s no better way to start the week than dancing and sweating with Angie. Talk about a woman who can make you feel beautiful and empowered in the early morning hours. If you want more than a workout - if you want to be encouraged and motivated and all around supported for exactly who you are - you’re not gonna get better than this one.
— Abby Blankenship
Angie is a an energetic and welcoming fitness professional. She is knowledgeable and compassionate. Her positive energy and understanding of the body will help you feel amazing in your own skin and empower you to keep going and try harder. Love her!
— Melissa DiLeonardo